Approaching God

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In the busyness of our lives we seem to be always rushing here and there. . . making plans to go to a movie . . . go to a play . . . attend a concert . . . go out to a ball game . . . go out for dinner. You name it. It is rush, rush and go, go most of the time.

But one invitation we too easily put off is extended to us from our Heavenly Father. The God of this universe — Creator of Heaven and Earth –requests the honor of our presence to spend time with Him . . . in prayer . . . in worship . . . in Bible reading . . . or, just silent reflection and meditation.

Throughout the month of March as we prepare ourselves for Easter, we will be exploring what the Bible has to say to us about how we ought to approach God. As we become less enchanted with the things of earth, our hearts will turn to God and look for a deeper relationship with Him. Join us each Sunday as we consider . . . “Approaching God.”

March 02
The God Who Invites Isaiah 1:15 – 20

March 09
Who Am I to Approach God? Psalm 8:1 – 8

March 16
Going to the Father Through the Son John 14:1 – 10

March 23
With Faith Like a Child Matthew 18:1 – 5

March 30
Approaching God with Confidence Hebrews 10:15 – 25